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The Womb Work, Belly Dance & Crystal Experience

Let’s get ready for Shes Royal Gems Experiences. Happy Healing is a thing! It’s truly an honor to have met with some amazing women this Sunday at @mayasawombtherapist and @bellydancerofcolor event. This experience had Goddess Womb Work, Sage, Crystals, Tea, Waistbeads, Yoni Eggs, Journals, Alters, Sound Bath, Affirmations, Incense, Bellydancing, Meditation & Holistic Herbal Yoni Steams🙏🏽❤️ & more!

I mean we had a beautiful time laughing, releasing and embracing each other in the space you are currently in. No judgement, no fear and no space to worry about how much it hurt. Just how much you have overcome. Not to mention some of the super powers we all hold as women. Everyone left with a small on their face. It was an honor working in the energy of Oya, Yemeya and Oshun.

Each Space was created into three different rooms.

Embracing that Fire and Strength

Embracing that Motherly Love and Comfort

Embracing that Confidence and Fierceness

I am extremely passionate about what I do!!! She’s Royal Gems is not just a shop it’s an experience. It brings me so much happiness when I get to truly dive into what you may need. So being asked to host or participate in events brings me Joy!

This year we on some Happy Healing ❤️‍🩹 energy. Embracing the happiness and not dwelling in the pain of it.

Be sure to sign up for any future events as we have many more to come! Asé

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