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#TBT Juneteenth Recap for The Juneteenth Black Market

It was an incredible experience, filled with an overwhelming sense of joy. DC Now Events shone the spotlight on us, and it was truly a moment to cherish. The weekend of Juneteenth provided the perfect opportunity to reconnect with my passion and redirect my focus. Sharing knowledge about Chakras, Crystals, and Ifa was immensely fulfilling. This particular day allowed me to understand the significance of fearlessly walking away from anything that doesn't align with my values. Remarkably, this act opened doors beyond my wildest imagination.

I give many thanks to @DCNOWEVENTS for featuring us, and to @investwitheig for organizing such an exceptional event! The turnout of our community was outstanding, and witnessing black men coming together to make things happen was truly inspiring.

Special thanks to the marvelous Culture Bead Collection for bringing the Caribbean vibe into the occasion with me.


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