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Afro Beats and Wine Festival Recap

This past Sunday, I had the honor to join forces with two remarkable Black women who are making strides in the business world, to create an incredible experience at the Afro Beats and Wine Festival. The organizers did an amazing job to create such a dope vibe, which was sold out. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was a vibe, and the music was on point. Despite of the heat and unexpected passing rainstorm, people truly enjoyed the positive vibes and showed their support for us and all the amazing vendors.

Now my products can carry significant weight, but it felt amazing to engage with the community and enjoy social interactions. It was even more special to connect with those who follow the practices of IFA. The genuine love and support we received this weekend were truly awe-inspiring. We are super excited and looking forward to providing you with an even more remarkable experience next year!

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Culture Beads Collection and Gia Candle Bar for collaborating with me. Our vibe during the event was absolutely incredible, and I am grateful for this collaboration.


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