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Hello Spring: The Resurrection of Me

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Hello Spring: The Resurrection of Me

The spiritual meaning of the resurrection is deeply rooted in the idea of transformation and renewal and serves as a powerful symbol of the human capacity for growth, healing, and spiritual evolution.

Hello Spring: The Resurrection of Me was more than amazing. Thank you to the ladies that joined us as we embraced Spring/New Moon.

To embrace the new we indulged in our Sacral energy by providing Alter Boxes which included crystals, incense, flowers, and some stickers to represent rebirth 🦋. Wood is one of the most sacred parts of the earth that represents your earth and root Chakra.

@dripjuiceryllc was able to share the beauty of detoxification to embrace the new with natural juices and foods.

We ended the night with a beautiful Sound bath meditation with Tammy guided by @akeyayoung@waxingbay

Allow yourself to be free & be you! Resurrect the person you are meant to be! Never allow anyone to dim your light due to their own insecurities! Be authentic and be you!

Happy SPRING & Happy New Year

Thank you to my SisStars I appreciate you!

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