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Happy 2 Year Anniversary Weekend Recap

Can you believe it has been 2 years since we have opened She's Royal Gems???

Yes we are excited to have celebrated 2 years as a Crystal Metaphysical Shop here in the DMV area. This is the year of 7, the year of transition, the year of me. I explained why 7 is SO IMPORTANT to me and this night showed why!

I had so many new beginnings, but to have the ones that has been thru each one with me in one room meant so much to me! Out of everywhere I lived Maryland is my home, so to be able to start my business here with the family friends that I love so much is a BIG win! Not to mention the new family friends that I have gained on this journey. So many have supported me on this journey and I am grateful for them all.

Trust the process EVEN when you are being tested! TRUST the process even when you feel like giving up! Trusts the process even when you feel like your faith is wavering!

You are Royalty and filled with Magic, so have that Faith to know that all new beginnings are here to elevate you!

We also dropped our new line of essentials and the feedback of people who never lie to me is PRICELESS 😂😂🫶🏾❤️🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾. Ohhhhhhhh we can not forget about our special collaboration with Faith 2 Felicity. Becoming the management partner is truly an honor. Toni and I decided to join forces and support each other on this journey. Be sure to look out for more!!!

Here is a little snippet of Tammy

Be sure to become a Gem as we have so much coming up that you do not want to miss! Our Upper Marlboro Md. location hours vary, so be sure to check our hours to book your experience. Ordering online and picking up is also an option.

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