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Tammy Message.......

Can you believe it is almost 2 years since we have begun our Entrepreneur Journey. I am so excited for this transition and growth. Just when my faith was being tested, a beautiful opportunity opened up with Faith 2 Felicity.

Now that we have collaborated with Faith 2 Felicity Crystal Cafe as their Managing partner, we also provide a selection of products, She's Royal Gems Remedy Boxes, Smudge Essentials and Chakra/Reiki services and sessions.

We will also be working and providing crystal remedies for It's Time for Healing Sanctuary and Vybz Holistic Spa. Details coming soon!!

If you are interested in our Crystal remedies and how we can collaborate email me at

It has been a real process that has brought a new light to whom I am and the women I will continue to become on this journey.

I am truly grateful for the continued support and patience through this process. Ase Tammy

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