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Bye 2022, Hello 2023

One thing about 2022, it really showed me what SELF WORTH MEANS! Being that 2022 was the year of 6, the year of relationships, love and self worth I truly had a taste of it all.

I honor the relationships I have lost and gained. The ones I gained brought me to a place that made me see my worth. Even in my dark moments their genuine Love pulled me 🆙 . I faced some hard truths, however it was with compassion and love. Which made me see what friendship, sisterhood and love truly means. It also helped me to be better as a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend and business partner.

Learning that it’s ok to be someone who loves love, but also learning how to receive it was major. I use to be looked at funny when I forgave and let go. However now I see what kind of super Love that is. I just added healthy boundaries. Loving does not mean accepting certain behavior.

Understanding my self worth and how worthy I am to be able to have so many skills that I share just because, is definitely a blessing. Not everyone is able to just give without some hidden reason to get something back. Understanding that the blessings will come in a bigger and better form is something I truly believe in.

Which is how I ended up meeting and now collaborating/managing @faith2felicity Crystal Cafe. I kept the faith even when I felt like it was wavering! Being amongst those who truly believe in you will mention you in rooms when you are not there. Now we are not only in Upper Marlboro, we are now available in Crystal Cafe in the National Harbor.

I give Thanks for the lesson of 6 and here for all the blessings year 7 is here to bring. Asé

Be sure to check our new hours and visit us at either location.

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