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Zebra Calcite exhibits endless transformational energies that are still being produced by the crystal today. When you work with this stone extensively, you will  completely transform each and every aspect of your life, starting with your emotional state. Zebra Calcite immediately begins to work with the emotional body and  will raise suppressed and neglected feelings to the surface. This forces your mind to acknowledge and address the negative experiences that you are holding onto. Realize that these emotions are not part of who you are and do not reflect the beauty you hold inside and out.


Zebra Calcite reminds you of the demons you’ve experienced throughout your life. Yet it does so in a way that promotes your inner strength.


Motivation | Prosperity | Power | Physical Healing | Personal Will | Peace of Mind | Passion | Opportunities | Nuturing | New Beginnings | Purification | Meditation | Mastering Fear | Manifestation | Longevity | Living in the Present Moment | Life Path | Knowledge | Joy

 Spiritual Awakening | Wisdom | Truth | Trust | Abundance | 

Zebra Calcite

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