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Titanium Rainbow Obsidian offers a harmonizing and protective energy to individuals engaging with it, aiding in the removal of mental, emotional, and spiritual voids or blockages. This versatile stone is particularly effective in balancing all chakras, with its rainbow aura enhancing positive energies while dispelling negativity. Serving as a prism, it emits an ethereal energy, fostering a profound connection with the Universe and the spiritual realm. Within rainbow aura obsidian, the healing essence of the rainbow is cradled and safeguarded by the protective nature of the obsidian.


Obsidian, a natural volcanic glass, may exhibit diverse colors or shades depending on the minerals present. While Black Obsidian is the most prevalent, the term "obsidian" is commonly associated with the color black.


Aura stones, including rainbow aura obsidian, are natural stones treated with titanium dioxide to create a captivating iridescence.


Spiritually, this stone increases energy flow, elevates vibrations, stimulates the aura, and aids in activating the Rainbow Body.


Emotionally, it infuses positive energy, quietens the mind, and helps in filtering out everyday distractions. It facilitates the centering of one's energy, removing hindrances and providing clarity, energy, and a sense of joy.


Physically, rainbow aura obsidian is conducive to meditation as it induces bodily relaxation. With its array of rainbow colors, this crystal activates all chakras, promoting healing on multiple levels.

Titanium Aura Obsidian

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