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Embark on a transformative journey with our oracle, featuring 49 meticulously gilded cards and an insightful 196-page book. Rooted in shamanic teachings, the ancient traditions of the first peoples, and the art of rituals, this oracle, co-created by Catherine Maillard and artist Caroline Maniere, introduces the Women's Medicine Way.


Delve into the archetypes of the divine feminine, exploring the symbols of their unwavering strength, your unique gifts, allies, and powers. Immerse yourself in the restoration of the Great Goddess's consciousness and awaken to the profound wisdom of Mother Earth.


As women traverse the path from healing wounds to embracing the sacred feminine, a burgeoning movement is underway. Join circles dedicated to issues such as maternity, ancestral wisdom, and sexuality. Witness the rise of a new underground women's movement aligned with values inherent to women's true nature and the awakening of a fresh awareness.


Embarking on this initiatory path allows you to delve into your essence, unveil your talents, radiate your power, and manifest the great Dream of Pachamama. The oracle offers detailed card reading layouts, featuring four distinct card categories with unique backs: Archetypal, Feminine, Totems, and Medicine cards.


In these times of significant change, women are gathering in circles, red tents, and international councils, embracing the magic of menstrual cycles and the return to sacred sexuality. This collective desire for sisterhood aims to reconnect with the true essence, reawaken life force, and contribute to positive change in the world.

The Medicine Woman Orcale

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