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Chakra White Sage 

Energy Cleansing, Removes Negative Energy – Harmonizes the Mind.  The intention is to cleasnse your Chakra energy.


White Sage, Lavender & Eucalyptus Dollar

White Sage – Energy Cleansing – Removes Negative Energy – Harmonizes the Mind


Red Dragon Blood Sage 

Used in rituals involving love, protection & grounding.   Burn for space cleansing, consecration, courage, protection & good luck.  This sage burns out everything.  So it is important to open windows.


Patchouli Sage

Happiness & joy bringer. Use in love, money & prosperity rituals. Use as a fertility talisman. Courage. Luck. Patchouli can be helpful for those with impotence, frigidity, and sexual anxiety that are products of mental blockages.


Blue Nag Champa Spiritual Essence Sage

 spiritual properties clear negativity promote healing and attract blessings. Nag Champa is an ancient Indian incense used for centuries by Hindu and Buddhist monks for purification, protection, and healing; energizes and balances the auric field and chakras; and enhances positivity, harmony, and peace


White Sage with 7 Herbs Mix -  

Mullien- focus and grounding, Peppermint-spiritual growth, love, and psychic enhancement, Rosemary -mental cleansing & purifying vibrations, Lavender - good for sleep & releases energy blockages, Lemongrass - symbolizes purification. clarity, focus, open communication, protection and spiritual connection, Ruda Rue-  cleanses from envy, bad vibes, and bad luck, Eucalyptus - strength, protection, and abundance


White Sage & Cinnamon -

 symbol of fertility, love, spirituality, protection, good luck .and abundance Energy Cleansing

Smudge Love Set

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