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Embark on a transformative journey with the Sacred Spirit Reading Cards, a visionary deck comprising 36 cards adorned with captivating artwork. This deck serves as a conduit to transcend the physical realm, allowing you to tap into higher vibrational energies that empower your spirit, instill confidence, and guide you towards a positive life path.


Ideal for professional therapists, practitioners in various well-being modalities, and those immersed in energy medicine, these cards offer invaluable support. Elevate your spirit and soul as you awaken your higher self, forging clear celestial connections that provide inner guidance.


The accompanying detailed guidebook enriches your experience, featuring affirmations, celestial angels, healing crystals for self-awareness, and energy tips. Immerse yourself in a realm of intuitive insights and enhance your self-healing abilities with the Sacred Spirit Reading Cards, a profound tool for navigating the ethereal dimensions of existence.

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards

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