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Experience the sublime and poetic essence of this oracle, crafted to guide and facilitate the encounter and healing of the sacred feminine within every woman. Serving as a powerful tool for personal growth, this oracle supports women on their journey to explore, express, and heal their sacred feminine through insightful keys, messages, and transformative exercises.


Empowering and filled with poetry, the oracle comprises a 224-page guidebook and 44 exquisite cards, organized into seven families. Each family embodies the energy of a distinct feminine archetype, including the Amazon, the Matriarch, the Sensual Woman, and the Mystic Woman.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of each archetype, utilizing the suggested spreads in the guidebook to address wounds, uncover hidden resources, embrace your best qualities, acknowledge shadows, and explore your vibratory and relational potentials.


Day by day, embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the dormant facets of your sacred feminine. Unveil the richness and magical power that resides within you as a sacred woman, fostering healing and transformation on your path.

Sacred Feminine Oracle

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