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Personal drive 


Chakra: Base and Sacral 


Red Aventurine gemstones amplify energy, these red gems revitalize and renew. They encourage you to take on challenges that will boost confidence and will power. Place this Red Aventurine wishing stone in a location that can be seen throughout the day.  Red Aventurine balances masculine and feminine energies. These are stones of finance and prosperity, helping bring money and abundance into your life.  Strawberry Quartz is primarily a Stone of Joy. It enables us to see the happy, beautiful and pleasant aspects of Life. It increases optimism and positive thinking. If you have been stuck in a rut of negativity, pessimism, or depression, Strawberry Quartz helps to transform those feelings into more uplifting and supportive feelings. If your daily life is feeling stagnant and dull, then this stone helps you recognize the simple pleasures that used to make you happy.  

Red Aventurine “Strawberry Quartz” Point

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