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This hand made piece hails all the way from Africa.  Hand made with authentic Malachiate and Copper.  Sizes Vary.


Malachite stands as a cornerstone for warding off negative energies. It imbues our aura with positive vibes while expelling negativity, acting as a barrier against adverse forces. Famously, it is said to wrap its bearer in a "cloak of invisibility," shielding them from harmful confrontations and diminishing the impact of negative influences. This gem is particularly adept at maintaining emotional equilibrium, offering support during moments when others may impose their emotional burdens upon you. Malachite empowers you with the resilience needed to address and navigate through both emotional and physical obstacles in your life. It is especially beneficial for those struggling with self-confidence and taking personal accountability. By fostering progress on your spiritual path, malachite is invaluable for individuals dedicated to personal growth and self-improvement. It opens the heart, promoting harmony across all facets of being.


Planets: Venus

Zodiacs: Scorpio | Capricorn

Elements: Fire


Malachite Copper Bangle

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