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Golden Mica shares the same balancing and self-healing benefits of Lepidolite, in addition to an increase in one’s willpower. Specifically, this stone helps awaken that inner fighter within you, allowing you to channel your entire being into whatever task or idea you may have. One may find themselves feeling wholesome again, as well as a change in your daily attitude. Golden Mica is truly an uplifting stone that can escalate one into a stage of euphoria during deep meditation sessions. It’s one of the more potent stones we’ve had the opportunity to work with, however it’s energies are still subtle enough for sensitive and beginner practioniars.


Living in the Present Moment | Life Path | Knowledge | Intuition | Inspiration | Insight

Inner Vision | Inner Peace | Spiritual Awakening | Wisdom | Truth | Strength | Growth Soothing | Sense of Purpose | Selflessness | Self Discovery | Self- Healing | Self-Discipline | Resolution

Golden Mica (WillPower)

$8.88 Regular Price
$5.33Sale Price
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