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The gem is a grounding and protective force, and it has a calming energy. Fire agate is said to be able to shield the wearer from harm and ill wishes and helps you to deflect negativity. It’s been found to stimulate energy and improve your sexual vitality and libido too. It stimulates energy and life force, and this makes you feel more vital and energised. Fire Agate is one of the lovely stones that allow you to reconnect with your spiritual energy. It allows you to send negative energy away from your emotional body, and create a beautiful fire effect within your heart. It enhances your mental functions and abilities, which will encourage your mind to work with greater flow and reduced chaos.  It is good for infusing in you a sense of flow that will take over your emotional state and create motivation and drive towards the things you wish to accomplish in life

Fire Agate

$5.55 Regular Price
$3.33Sale Price
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