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Desert Rose Selenite, also known as Gypsum Rose or Sand Rose, originates from the harmonious interplay of water, wind, and sand, typically flourishing in diverse desert landscapes worldwide, including Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Tunisia, and Afghanistan.


Functioning as an ideal tool for meditation, Desert Rose Selenite fosters a sense of grounding and equilibrium. It stimulates the root, crown, and sacral chakras, promoting mental clarity, concentration, manifestation, self-expression, and the unlocking of divine will. Whether placed at your bedside, in your workspace, or meditation room, this crystal serves as a catalyst for purifying your aura and surrounding environment.


Leveraging its Selenite foundation, Desert Rose possesses the ability to recharge and purify other crystals in its proximity. It proves invaluable to those seeking a continual revitalization of energy, resonating with a potent, elevated vibration that facilitates the realignment of the chakra system. By removing impediments between chakras, it fosters a smoother flow of energy within, promoting a heightened sense of well-being.


Clearing | Insight | Inspiration | Growth | Expansion | Expanded Awareness | Enhancing Enlightenment | Energy Transfer | Elimination Toxins | Clarity | Channeling | Aura Cleansing | Abundance | Action  | Intuition | Spiritual Awakening | Self Discovery | Prosperity | Opportunities | New Beginnings | Knowledge | Intention Enhancement | Cleansing

Balance | Mental Enhancement | Manifestation | Strength

Desert Rose Selenite

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