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Our Reiki Infused Apothecary Crystal Sets can be  cleansed infused with your personal intentions for a specific season and/or Moment.  You can leave a personal message and allow us to create a set to assist with setting that intention.


  • Amethyst: Soothing, spiritual, calming, intuition enhancer.
  • Rose Quartz: Love, compassion, emotional healing, tenderness.
  • Carnelian: Vitality, creativity, motivation, courage, confidence.
  • Rainbow Moonstone: Feminine energy, intuition, emotional balance.
  • Howlite: Calming, patience, stress relief, awareness.
  • Clear Quartz: Clarity, amplification, healing, purification, energy.


If you have an idea of what you need, drop a note for us.


Custom Reiki Infused Set

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