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Explore the profound wisdom of the Chakras with our Chakra Reading Cards, unraveling the secrets of the body's energy field. These ancient insights come to life in a deck of 36 cards, meticulously designed to align and balance the seven main Chakra systems along with the unique additions of the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras.


Experience the purest sense of wellbeing as you delve into self-awareness, empowerment, and healing through the art of Chakra alignment. Each card serves as a tangible tool for everyday guidance, offering a deep connection and expanded awareness of various life situations. The deck, adorned with beautiful illustrations, is not only easy to use but also accompanied by a comprehensive guidebook.


Enhance your daily journey with the Chakra Reading Cards, a source of guidance and clarity that goes beyond the ordinary. The in-depth guidebook not only makes it easy to use but also provides powerful layouts for personal growth and assisting others on their transformative paths. Embrace a world of insight and support through this unique deck, where ancient wisdom meets modern empowerment.

Chakra Reading Cards 36 Cards & Guide

$25.55 Regular Price
$15.33Sale Price
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