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Delve into the rich tapestry of African magical traditions, where the resonance with Orishas spirituality and the profound teachings of the Odus forms an integral part of an ongoing daily journey. This transformative process unfolds as we embrace self-responsibility for our life choices, setting the stage for magical occurrences.


The realization that our present experiences are a direct outcome of past choices propels us to connect with the sacred source of ultimate happiness and joy. This newfound awareness empowers us to consciously shape the life we've envisioned. Discover this profound self-transformation tool in the rituals and meditations presented in the African Gods Oracle. Here, you can seek guidance from the Orishas regarding your life's goals and challenges, receiving the insightful answers of the Odus that pave the way to success.


The African Gods Oracle features 36 cards with gilded edges, accompanied by a comprehensive 128-page guidebook, offering you a gateway to self-discovery, empowerment, and the manifestation of your dreams.

African Gods Oracle

$24.44 Regular Price
$20.77Sale Price
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