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Whaaaatttttt........Citrine is Amethyst?

On this journey we get the opportunity to explore and pick crystals for our shop and partnering shops.

Which is BIG love of mines.

One of the biggest things that gets me all the time is seeing how Amethyst druzy turn into Citrine Druzy. Being that they are apart of the Quartz Family its really no surprise. So you know how man LOVES to mess with things, that is what happens with Druzy Citrine. Well even polished and unpolished citrine are really Amethyst Burnt. There is a lot of controversy over this, however this is when Ametrine comes in. This Gem is actually a combination of citrine and amethyst blended as one. Which is created by one mine in the world, which makes it super hard to get. This gem is actually blended. Druzy Amethyst and Citrine is a bit different.

When they are found as amethyst, man applies heat over 500 degrees to force turn it into Citrine. Yes they force it because it takes the earth YEARS to produce. Authentic citrine can have a dark brownish look. Sometimes it's a transition of smokey quartz. The light ones don't mean that it is burned, it just means it was still transitioning. Which is probably why some Citrine is so clear, it looks like Clear Quartz. So when looking Unmaned citrine is clear without any inclusions. Will do a video on that.

So don't fret because at the end of the day this is why Amethyst is that round a way girl crystal!!! It can work on everything, because it can transition from one to the next. That is the beauty of the Quartz family.

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