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VLOG: Our Full Moon In Capricorn 2024 Crystal Reset Journey

During this full moon, we fully embraced the Capricorn energy and focused on our business endeavors! Since taking that leap of faith, I have connected with amazing wholesalers, miners, and vendors both in the US and overseas.

One of our favorite activities is shopping for crystals 🛍️! While I enjoy our video calls with our manufacturing wholesalers, sometimes I like to be more hands-on.

This was a delightful experience that I shared with my #family. Additionally, we were able to cleanse and charge the crystals under the influence of this full moon. I am truly grateful for the new opportunities that have arrived and for those that are yet to come!

Take a quick look at our experiences.

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Tonyce Fox
Tonyce Fox
26 jun.

I absolutely love the titanium aura crystal

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