Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Calling all DMV GOOD VIBES LOVERS!! Just Juice Juicery, She's Royal Gems & Colors Make Me Happy 2 have decided to expand our Chakra Vibes Socials to larger spaces in the DMV and wanted to openly invite those wanting to Unwind and Vibe. Our aim is to provide a space for those who are seeking out Holistic Vibrations with some amazing people, amazing food and amazing vendors. Our Socials will be exclusive events that will be held in selective locations who are open to us building and providing good vibes.

This specific event will take place at Posh Cycaling and Fitness Studio. We will be offering 3 Yoga Sessions which all will be for 1 Hour Each.

The Classes are

Yoga How to Stretch With Mel from @PoshCyclingandFitness Session begins at 1pm

Yoga Chakra Unwind with Queen Lyn from