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The Malachite Mix

Malachite is the Stone of Transformation, which is always a good thing when you are trying to raise your vibration. This powerful beauty is a favorite when it comes to money and abundance. The vibration of this mineral produces positive vibes that help remove negativity while protecting you from misfortunes. Which means transforming from negative to positive when it comes to new opportunities and welcoming abundance, prosperity, and wealth into your life.

Let's Drop Green Aventurine into the Mix

Now add green aventurine to help you grasp those opportunities that come or even may have slipped your grasp. Both stones are known to increase your chance of abundance and the opportunities to be successful. Green aventurine is actually the Gambler’s Lucky Stone. And it is considered as one of the luckiest gemstones there is, giving that winning vibration energy that attract abundance into your life.

Want that boost in protection drop Black Tourmaline & Black Onyx into the Mix

Black Tourmaline, is a powerful protective stone that absorbs pollutants and negative energies from the atmosphere and from other humans. It helps guard against radiation of all kinds, clearing electromagnetic pollution and healing with its earth energies. In the workplace, both stones can help protect against noise, over-bright lighting. Even the harmful vibes from the technical equipment such as computers and negative phone calls. Combing the protective energies of both green malachite and the black tourmaline, and you can enjoy a stress-free working environment. Drop Black onyx, on that other hand, helps deflect negative criticism and thoughts from other people in your workplace. Black Onyx also takes its protective energies even further by protecting you against fears and nightmares. And anything associated with the dark when you place it close to you as you sleep.

Having a ruff menstrual cycle, lets add Red Jasper in the Mix

Malachite is said to ease out the pain that comes with menstrual, pregnancy and childbirth, the vibration energies of red jasper can help stimulate your chi or Life Force, bringing in physical energy, strength, stamina, and determination. Malachite can regulate your menstrual cycle as well as easing the cramps and pain during menstruation. Known as the Stone of Vibrancy and Endurance, the Red Jasper is also known to heal wounds as well as increasing fertility. Malachite is also an emotional healer. As it helps you battle anxiety and depression, combining it with the aura of red jasper helps calm your emotional body. It will also alleviate your stress and reconnecting with the grounding energies of the Earth.

Last Transform with Smokey Quartz in the Mix

Malachite helps in encouraging change in your life and emotional healing. It helps you in breaking unwanted ties and destructive behaviors. Not only that, but it also helps in alleviating shyness while helping battle anxiety and depression. Combine it with the beautiful smoky transparency of the Smoky Quartz. You can get twice the emotional benefits while also bringing stability and strength in your personal life. It wards off negative thinking and removing doubt and worry when faced with confusion and chaos.


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