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The Feminine Masculine Transition Stone Shiva Lingam

As we prepare for the New Moon Energy it’s time for you to find you soul and your life's purpose.

Shiva Lingam is a stone with an inherent connection to the Hindu religion. It imbues the powers of Divine Masculine Energy, reinvigorating our sense of vitality and purpose. Named for Lord Shiva, the Hindu god who is the patron of Yoga and the protector of the sacred Veda texts, this shell carries their namesakes' mysticism and connection to creation.

Shiva is a god of duplicitous nature, symbolizing destruction and creation, and also the good and evil sides of human nature. Shiva Lingam ends cycles to bring about new creations in their stead. As such, Shiva is an excellent stone to hold close when we are ready to end cycles in our own lives and begin again on fresh paths.

Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, Shiva Lingam opens us to Divine intuition and Universal wisdom. This shell helps us find our footing on our spiritual path without losing awareness of who we are. This Divine gem opens our creativity and awakens our sense of adventure. It represents the balance that we all seek to achieve, the balance that makes our world gorgeous.

Now we are stepping out of the sacred feminine energy and into that sacred masculine energy. Shiva Lingam is a powerful healing crystal that is aligned to all chakras, all zodiac signs, all elements and all numbers. With this gem we are able to look at things more clearly and have a better understanding of what the true meaning of life really is.


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