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The Beauty of Abalone Shell

Knowing I am a water spirit I had to add these beautiful Abalone Shells to our collection. I love knowing the history of things so I wanted to share what I have found about these beauties.

Abalone Shell is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love. It has a lovely warm, gentle vibration. ... Abalone Shell is an excellent companion when needing guidance in relationships as it enhances and supports communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise, which in turn lead to harmony and balance.

In some Native American cultures, the shell of the abalone is to burn sage. They believe the combined spiritual power of abalone and sage would take their messages to their Gods. The smoke of the sage is used to cleanse evil spirits. This is used in modern-day cleaners also, which we explore later.

Many cultures also think of the abalone as a symbol of water. Its calmness and tranquility protect us from life's unsettling passions.

To wash away any unpleasantness and shield us from the darkness.

There are over a hundred varieties of abalone worldwide. They are generally found in cold, coastal waters such as those of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, the West of North America, and Japan.

The chakras linked to the shell of abalone are the third eye, the crown, and the heart. These are areas linked to intuition, that harmonize with the intuitive properties attached to the shell.

Now with this back history it was only right we add these pieces not only to our store, but to my alter! I must say having this in your space, your place, your alter is definitely a must!



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