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Red Jasper and Ancient History

Now people like to debathe about crystals and calling it all kinds of things! Now I just say ok and keep it moving! One thing I do know is that they have been around from the real creation! Red Jasper is one of the man!

Old Norse Legend of Siegfried

Red jasper was revered by ancient civilizations who believed that it provided spiritual and physical protection. It was often associated with healing as well as inspiring courage, which made it a favored gemstone for warriors. In the Old Norse Legend of Siegfried, the dragon slayer, his magical sword, known as Balmung, Nothung, and Gramr in Old Norse, had a jasper stone in its hilt.

Egypt in First Millennium BCE

The ancient Egyptians often find themselves in the conversation when discussing the history of gemstones. They too revered the red jasper for they associated it with the blood of mother Isis, one of the most worshiped deities in the first millennium BCE. The gemstone was often carved into amulets that were placed on the necks of the deceased. When determining what stones would have been used during the time of Exodus, it is believed that instead of Ruby, the first stone put into High Priest Aaron’s Breastplate, it was most likely red jasper.

The Native Americans

Its nickname, the Blood of Mother Earth, comes from the Native Americans. They believed that red jasper was representative of the Earth Mother’s blood, and was used to facilitate rebirth and the manifestation of new ideas. Moreover, it was used as a way to increase one’s sensitivity with the Earth, particularly when trying to call upon the rain.

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