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It's Traveling Season

When it comes to the Holidays traveling is a BIG aspect.

Here are a few crystals that are said to keep somewhere on you or in your belongings when you are traveling.

  1. Malachite - holds the energy to protect you from danger and accidents. It also provides balance to your emotions if this is a hard time of year for you

  2. Moonstone - safe travel and new adventures. It also gives that inner strength, balance your emotions, and soothe stress and anxiety.

  3. Amethyst - dispels anger and rage. Keeps that cool mind so that hot head syndrome does not sneak up on you.

  4. Aquamarine - serenity and relaxation for your travels and reduces fear and anxiety. It can bring serenity and relaxation while on your trip. Known as a Good Luck Charm. Gives that cool flow to a rocky situation.

  5. Smoky Quartz - absorbing negative energy and keeping you safe while you travel. Keeps you grounded and calm in chaotic spaces. It's the let me mind my business, but stay alert and ready Gem.

  6. Shungite - It shields you from negative energy by absorbing and getting rid of it, including the electromagnetic energy from the airport’s security scanner. This is the bye bye negativity gem. If the drama about to start, this the let me exit not gem.

  7. Labradorite - for safe travel and time change. This gem also allows you to walk into any space with confidence. It show cases that transformation.

  8. Black Tourmaline - all-rounder protection crystal that will stop you from absorbing other people’s negative energy especially if you are in those busy pack airports. Heck even if it's family you don't rock with, but got to smile with. This the stone to have if the environment is hostile.

  9. Hematite - will help you think clearer, dissolve brain fog, and enhance your concentration and problem-solving in another country or state. If you the problem solver this the stone for you. It keeps you grounded and calm. The middle man in the drama.

These are just a few. Carnelian - enjoy destination , Lapis Lazuli - Speak truth, Rose Quartz - Travel Worries, Fluorite - keeps the path clear and the list goes on, but they basically do similar things to the ones we listed. Its all about which one you gravitate too.

Enjoy your time and safe travels!!! Asé


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