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It’s time to Fluorite

When it comes to crystals one of my all time favorite is Fluorite. The crystal to help you flow right!!!

Fluorite is a crystal for anxiety which is another popular crystal for stress that provides the same level of mental clarity that amethyst does, but it also works to create balance in your life. It has a multi-colored purple and green form and is often used to push off evil eye and negativity aand instill positivity in your life.

The beauty of the Fluorite crystal is that it calms you just by looking at crystals for anxiety. However, when you hold the calming gemstone, you’ll find that you are able to balance your energies and repel off harmful thoughts and pessimistic ideas. You can replace this negative energy with mindfulness and rationality, making you become more alert and gain a greater perspective of your life and its problems. It is particularly helpful when you use it during stressful situations, such as meetings or before public speaking.

With the fluorite stone, you ease your senses and become less overwhelmed by certain situations in your life. It helps promote peace and harmony within you if you simply keep it within your hands but it is optimal to use the fluorite stone for meditation to relieve stress and anxiety.

Now you see why I just love Fluorite!!!

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