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I see Pink...Crystals that Represents the Strawberry Full Moon

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Pink Crystals that Represents the Strawberry Full Moon

Pink crystals carry a gentle and nurturing energy that aligns well with the loving and introspective qualities of the Strawberry Moon. Here are a few pink crystals that can be beneficial to work with during this lunar phase:

Rose Quartz: Known as the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz radiates soothing and compassionate energy. It promotes self-love, forgiveness, and emotional healing. During the Strawberry Moon, you can use Rose Quartz to foster a deeper connection with your heart, enhance your relationships, and invite harmony and love into your life.

Crystals that Represents the Strawberry Full Moon

Rhodonite: Rhodonite is a crystal that combines shades of pink and black. It is often associated with emotional healing and balance. Rhodonite helps to release old wounds and emotional patterns, allowing for forgiveness and self-acceptance. Working with Rhodonite during the Strawberry Moon can support you in healing emotional scars and promoting inner peace.

Crystals that Represents the Strawberry Full Moon

Pink Opal: Pink Opal is a stone of emotional healing and spiritual awakening. It has a calming and nurturing energy that encourages self-reflection and personal growth. Pink Opal can help you access and release deep emotional wounds, allowing for greater self-awareness and transformation during the Strawberry Moon.

Crystals that Represents the Strawberry Full Moon

Pink (Red) Tourmaline: Pink Tourmaline is a crystal that radiates love, joy, and emotional healing energy. It promotes self-acceptance, compassion, and a deep sense of love for oneself and others. It can assist in opening the heart to give and receive love freely.

Crystals that Represents the Strawberry Full Moon

Coming soon:

  1. Rhodochrosite: Rhodochrosite is often referred to as the stone of love and balance. It aids in healing emotional wounds, promoting self-acceptance, and fostering a sense of joy and inner peace.

  2. Pink Calcite: Pink Calcite is a gentle and soothing crystal that aids in emotional healing and self-discovery. It can help release emotional patterns, reduce stress, and bring a sense of inner peace and balance.

When working with pink crystals, it's important to cleanse and charge them before use. You can do this by placing them in the moonlight overnight or using other preferred cleansing methods, such as smudging or sound cleansing. Set your intentions with the crystals, and incorporate them into your meditation, crystal grid, or personal rituals during the Strawberry Moon to enhance the energy of self-reflection, healing, and love.


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