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How to use Florida Water?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

As I grow in my self awareness journey I learn more and more about the deeper meaning behind the different products that we use and why. Now I have been apart of this natural world more than I realized it, however now I just embrace and do my research to understand it.

Florida water is one of the many products you may hear about when it comes to cleanses and rituals, however it has become to popular many only use it with out really knowing why.

Sooooooo here we go

Due to the natural herb products used, the floral and citrus scents of Florida Water are stimulating and add positive and purifying energy to any ritual. It’s also said to represent “the fountain of youth,” which is supposedly in Florida.

Florida Water has been mystifying and delighting generations since 1808. Well it was introduced in New York City and sold in corner pharmacies as an everyday staple. The original formula and label—inspired by the enchanting properties of the famed Fountain of Youth—has remained unchanged for over 200 years. So where and who introduced it still remains a ??????????????????? I mean we can go back to St. Augustine Florida and read about Juan Ponce de Leon who they said founded the Fountain of Youth. However I won't go there because the story can go many ways. It just makes sense why Florida water is very popular in the Spanish Caribbean Community and South America. The water from this Fountain of Youth and natural herbs makes this cologne super useful as you can see from the many reasons listed below.

In addition to its clean and refreshing fragrance, Florida Water has been used over the years to tone the skin, freshen the air, calm the nerves, relieve headaches, reduce fevers, prevent infection, and soothe an itching scalp. This is why we use it for our Self Care Bath Time.

As stated here are a list of ways it is used Spiritually and ways you can incorporate Florida water into your own practices, according to Herstik and Lyons.

Note: Florida water is flammable, so always be mindful when using it around candles.

  1. Offer it to your ancestors or guides on your altar in a bowl.

  2. Have some in a bowl nearby when communing with ancestors or guides and asking them for advice.

  3. Place a small bowl of Florida water on your altar as an offering of self-love.

  4. Wipe your mirror with diluted Florida water, and then do a self-love ritual of your choosing in front of the mirror.

  5. Energetically cleanse yourself with Florida water by spraying it around you or putting a bit on your wrists.

  6. Energetically (and literally) cleanse ritual tools like crystalswith a bit of diluted Florida water to give them a refresh.

  7. Use it to cleanse your altar and anything on it by diluting some with water in a spray bottle and spraying on your altar, then wiping down.

  8. Use it in your usual floor cleaner to cleanse your home and wash away negative energy.

  9. Fill a small bowl with spring water, Florida water, and a piece of a bluing square if you have one. Place the bowl by your front door to draw out negative energy from your home. Replace the water once a week.

  10. Use it as the water element in rituals, along with a candle for fire, a crystal or rock for earth, and incense for air. (It's considered powerful to have all four elements present when doing rituals.)

  11. Dilute Florida water with spring water in a spray bottle and use the spray to cleanse any room in your home.

  12. Spray some diluted Florida water around you or your space before you begin a tarot reading.

  13. Spray some diluted Florida water around you or your space before meditating.

  14. Anoint yourself with a bit of Florida water (emphasis on just a bit!) if you want an energetic refresh or a boost of creativity and inspiration.

  15. Use it alongside any spells or rituals for attracting love to increase the potency of the spell/ritual.

  16. Wear a bit like perfume whenever you want protection.

  17. Keep some in your workplace or on your desk to welcome positive energy and banish negativity.

  18. Spray some diluted Florida water and patchouli essential oil on your cash for extra abundance.

  19. Add a bit of Florida water to your laundry (especially bedding if you frequently have nightmares) for protection.

  20. Place some in a bowl on your nightstand to more easily remember your dreams.

Hope this very short/long break down helps



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