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(BE)ad Yourself

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Welcome to our first Dropping Gems Blog post. With the global epidemic of Anxiety, depression, to eating disorders and substance abuse, the mental health issue are on a rise.  It is so important that we take into account our brain health and overall well-being and put into practice things that bring us joy, soothe and comfort us, and provide anxiety relief. 

Beading Encourages Mindfulness and Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Beading keeps our hands busy and our minds at ease. The time spent beading necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and embroidery requires full focus and concentration on the present moment, allowing us to practice mindfulness, and helps prevent our thoughts from wandering. The time we spend beading is spent constructively, and with purpose, and helps us escape the world around us, slow down, and focus on one task, one bead at a time. Many beading projects are done by stringing beads one-by-one, forcing the beader to take his or her time and to fixate on a singular task.

Boosts Our Creativity and Self-Esteem

Not only does beading promote mindfulness and relieve stress, it also encourages creativity and boosts our self esteem. The art of beading and the endless design and creative possibilities that come with that, gives the beader an area to let his or her imagination work. There are thousands of beads to choose from, in hundreds of colors and finishes, all ready to be used to create something beautiful. There are endless beading materials to choose from which gives a beader endless possibilities.

I begin beading for the many reasons above, which lead to incorporating colors and Chakras from our sister company Colors Makes Me Happy 2. Be sure to sign up to receive our weekly news letter.


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