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Ari Lennox's New Song 'Get Close': Evoking a Titanium Aura Obsidian Crystal Vibe

When it comes to a musical Vibes we love to charge our Gems with a Good Musical Vibration. If you don't know I am a DJ and Music is my Therapy. I just happened to add crystals as another healing modality. When you have the chance take the time to dive into Ari Lennox's latest musical masterpiece, "Get Close"! This soulful vibe song not only showcases Lennox's incredible vocal skills, but this soulful slow downed "I gotta story to tell" by Biggie, also has a unique ability to bring a sensation vibe to the energy of a titanium aura obsidian crystal.

From the very first note, "Get Close" wraps you in a feeling of strength and mystery, much like the protective properties associated with titanium aura obsidian crystals. The song's smooth rhythm and Lennox's soulful vocals creates an atmosphere that is both powerful and enchanting, much like the unique iridescence of titanium aura crystals.

As the music unfolds, there's an undeniable sense of resilience and empowerment, that echos the grounding energy of obsidian.. The song's lyrics weave a narrative that encourages closeness, vulnerability, and self-discovery, which mirrors the qualities associated with connecting with an obsidian crystal.

I mean the beat along with Ari Lennox's soulful voice seems to resonate with the grounding and protective energies of these crystals, making you feel as if you're wrapped in a shield of strength and self-assurance. It's as if the music is a conduit, channeling the transformative properties of these crystals into a sonic experience.

You might find yourself vibing in a meditative state, which are similar to the calming effect of obsidian crystals. The song seems to evoke a sense of introspection, giving & encouraging you to explore the depths of their emotions and embrace your auras authenticity—much like the reflective properties of obsidian.

In essence, Ari Lennox's "Get Close" captures the essence of a titanium aura obsidian crystal, blending strength, mystery, introspection of what you need and protecting it while still being able to step into that healthy feminine space.


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