Metaphysical Free Spirit

She's Royal Gems Metaphysical Boutique located in Upper Marlboro MD. provides products such as Sage Smudges, Palo Santo, Crystals, Candle holders, Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Jewelry, Reiki Spiritual Bath Soaks and so much more.  


Our focus is to bring understanding, love and light to make your Chakra Wheels spin.  We provide the products while our sister site www.colorsmakemehappy2.com provides the services and education on Chakras, Crystals Stones and Spiritual Guidance.  

Please note that our products are not a cure for medical conditions.  We just want to provide a space for those seeking to balance their Mind, Body & Spirit.


Our new collection of Bath and Body products made with premium Hemp Extract Oil, CBD Buds and essential oils are made to keep you calm, relaxed and refreshed.  Our line was created to help give mothers, such as myself, Fathers and those who just work hard a new vibe by enjoying their alone time.  We all need to get back to a place of peace and our goal is to guide you there.