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She's Royal Gems

Holistic Metaphysical Shop

Discover the magic of our Essential Corner, where you'll find an enchanting array of candles, sage, incense, and more to elevate your spiritual practices and create a sacred space. Each item is thoughtfully selected to enhance your rituals, meditation, and overall well-being. Embrace the power of these essentials and unlock a world of spiritual harmony and tranquility.

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Welcome to She's Royal Gems Crystal Vibration, your ultimate destination for a diverse selection of Reiki-charged crystals. Our passion lies in connecting you with the purest and most powerful energy. Each crystal in our collection has been handpicked and imbued Reiki and cleansed daily for the purest vibration.  Whether you seek spiritual balance, emotional healing, or simply wish to enhance your surroundings, our carefully curated range of crystals is here to guide you on your journey towards inner harmony and positive energy. Step into the realm of Crystal Vibration and discover the transformative wonders of these divine gems.


Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

Indulge in the allure of our Crystal Jewelry Collection, meticulously crafted and handpicked to bring elegance to your everyday style. Each piece radiates simplicity and sophistication, effortlessly elevating your look while harnessing the positive energies of natural crystals. Embrace the beauty and meaning behind our handmade jewelry and embrace the transformative power of crystals in your daily life.

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Become Reiki Certified

Interested in Learning Reiki and how you can work on yourself, then maybe eventually others.

Join our Self Love Reiki Session Opening up this September.


The Holistic Vibes


Join the Experience with Tammy.  Chakra Readings/Balancing, Sound Bath Meditation,

Group Sessions



Tel. 240-646-4055

Holistic House Experience

Upper Marlboro MD. 20774


Monday - Thursday Pick ups ONLY

Friday 10:10 am - 8:11pm

Saturday 11:11 - 7:11pm

Sunday: Appointment Only 



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